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Friday January 1-SVDP

Saturday January 2-SPOT-St Peters

Sunday January 3-  Red Hat Ladies- Pat Lucas


Friday January 8- Faith Lutheran Church

Saturday January 9 – Kiwanis

Sunday January 10-Noah Estes-CGCC


Friday January 15-Patsy Warner

Saturday January 16 – Methodist Church- Jerry Tanquist

Sunday January 17- St. Pauls- Janeal Booren

Friday January 22-First Christian Church- Marlene Long

Saturday January 23-Calvary Baptist Church

Sunday January 24-CGCC-Noah Estes


Friday January 29-The Dalles Rotary

Saturday January 30-Quakers-Lark Lennox

Sunday January 31-Nonie Cornell

Fri Feb 5-SVDP
Sat Feb 6-SPOT St. Peters
Sun Feb 7- The Dalles Lions

Fri Feb 12-Marilyn  Richardson
Sat Feb 13-LDS Church
Sun Feb 14-CGCC Noah Estes

Fri Feb 19Patsy Warner
Sat Feb 20- Life in Christ
Sun Feb 21-UCC- Corliss Marsh

Fri Feb 26-Moiser Book Club-Lark Lennox
Sat Feb 27-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Feb 28-CGCC- Noah Estes

Fri Mar 4-SVDP
Sat Mar 5-SPOT-St. Peters
Sun Mar 6- MCMC- Acute Care

Fri Mar 11-First Christian Church- Marlene Long
Sat Mar 12- Kiwanis
Sun Mar 13-CGCC – Noah Estes

Fri Mar 18-Patsy Warner
Sat Mar 19-Methodist Church- Jerry Tanquist
Sun Mar 20- Zion Lutheran- Dana Meyers

Fri Mar 25 – MCMC Volunteers
Sat Mar 26-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Mar 27CGCC- Noah Estes

Fri Apr 1-SVDP
Sat Apr 2-SPOT- St. Peters
Sun Apr 3-The Dalles Lions

Fri Apr 8- Faith Lutheran Church
Sat Apr 9- Lori Wallace
Sun Apr 10-CGCC – Noah Estes

Fri Apr 15-Patsy Warner
Sat Apr 16-Life in Christ
Sun Apr 17- St. Pauls- Janeal Booren

Fri Apr 22-The Dalles Rotary
Sat Apr 23-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Apr 24-CGCC- Noah Ester

Friday April 29-LDS Church

Saturday April 30- Gateway

Sunday May 1-MCMC- Tracy Dugick

Fri May 6-SVDP
Sat May 7-SPOT- St. Peters
Sun May 8-CGCC- Noah Estes

Fri May 13-FCC- Marlene Long
Sat May 14- Waters Edge Outpatient Therapy
Sun May 15-UCC- Corliss Marsh

Fri May 20-Patsy Warner
Sat May 21-Methodist Church- Jerry Tanquist
Sun May 22-CGCC- Noah Estes

Fri May 27- Community Meal Board- Janeal
Sat May 28-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun May 29- Community Harvest Cooperative Grocery- Cheri Thomas

Fri June 3-SVDP
Sat June 4-SPOT-St. Peters
Sun June 5- The Dalles Lions

Fri Jun 10-LDS Church
Sat Jun 11- Gateway
Sun Jun 12-CGCC- Noah Estes

Fri Jun 17-Patsy Warner
Sat Jun 18-Life in Christ
Sun Jun 19- MCMC- PVS

Fri Jun 24-LDS  Church 2nd Ward
Sat Jun 25-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Jun 26-Nonie Cornell & Friends

Fri July 1-SVDP
Sat July 2-SPOT- St. Peters
Sun July 3-Corliss Marsh and Friends

Fri Jul 8- Faith Lutheran Church
Sat Jul 9-Jerry  Tanquist and Betsy Johnson
Sun Jul 10-St. Pauls- Janeal Booren

Fri Jul 15-Patsy Warner
Sat Jul 16-Methodist Church- Jerry Tanquist
Sun Jul 17- MCMC Billing Office

Fri Jul 22-FCC- Marlene Long
Sat Jul 23-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Jul 24- Tom Somerville

Fri Jul 29-The Dalles Rotary
Sat Jul 30-Gateway
Sun Jul 31- Kiwanis- Tyler Beane Kelly

Fri Aug 5-SVDP

Sat Aug 6-SPOT- St. Peters

Sun Aug 7- MCMC- IS- Ram Ramanathan

Fri Aug 12- Chris and Judy Zukin
Sat Aug 13- Bill Hamilton/ John Speer
Sun Aug 14-Verizon The Dalles

Fri Aug 19-Patsy Warner
Sat Aug 20-Life in Christ
Sun Aug 21-MCMC- PVS

Fri Aug 26-Gateway
Sat Aug 27-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Aug 28-Chloris Mullins

Fri Sep 2-SVDP
Sat Sep 3-SPOT- St. Peters
Sun Sep 4- Tyler Bean

Fri Sep 9-FCC- Marlene Long
Sat Sep 10-Chris Zukin
Sun Sep 11-The Dalles Lions Club

Fri Sep 16-Patsy Warner
Sat Sep 17-Methodist Church- Jerry Tanquist
Sun Sep 18-UCC- Corliss Marsh

Fri Sep 23 – MCMC Volunteers
Sat Sep 24- Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Sep 25- Dufur Christian-Esther Wayne

Fri September 30- The Dalles Rotary Club
Sat Oct 1-SPOT- St. Peters
Sun Oct 2-St Pauls- Janeal Booren

Fri Oct 7-SVDP
Sat Oct 8-Gateway
Sun Oct 9-Kiwanis- Tyler Bean

Fri Oct 14- Faith Lutheran Church
Sat Oct 15-Life in Christ
Sun Oct 16- Zion Lutheran- Dana Meyers

Fri Oct 21-Patsy Warner
Sat Oct 22-Calvary baptist Church
Sun Oct 23-Hood River DMV

Fri Oct 28-The Dalles Rotary
Sat Oct 29- CM Board- Janeal Booren
Sun Oct 30-LDS Church

Fri Nov 4-SVDP
Sat Nov 5-SPOT- St. Peters
Sun Nov 6- MCMC Billing Office-Pizza Party

Fri Nov 11-FCC- Marlene Long

Sat Nov 12-Gateway

Sun Nov 13- Calvary Church- Steve OpBreck

Fri Nov 18-Patsy Warner
Sat Nov 19 Methodist Church- Jerry Tanquist
Sun Nov 20-Zion Lutheran- Dana Meyers

Fri Nov 25
Sat Nov 26-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Nov 27-Matthew Stewart

Fri Dec 2-SVDP
Sat Dec 3-SPOT- St. Peters
Sun Dec 4-LDS Church- Chloris Mullins

Fri Dec 9
Sat Dec 10
Sun Dec 11- The Dalles High NHS

Fri Dec 16-Patsy Warner

Sat Dec 17-Life in Christ

Sun Dec 18- City of The Dalles

Fri Dec 23-Gateway
Sat Dec 24-Calvary Baptist Church
Sun Dec 25

Friday December 30-Julie Fritts- Child Evangelism Youth Group

Saturday December 31

Sunday January 1

**********2017 Meal Calendar*****************

Friday January 6-SVDP

Sat Jan 7-SPOT- St. Peters

Sun Jan 8-Kiwanis Club


Fri Jan 13-First Christian Church

Sat Jan 14

Sun Jan 15-CGCC-ASG


Fri Jan 20-Patsy Warner

Sat Jan 21-Methodist Church

Sun Jan 22-TDHS Honor NHS


Fri Jan 27-Rotary

Sat Jan 28-Calvary Church

Sun Jan 29-St. Paul’s Church


Fri Feb 3-SVDP

Sat Feb 4-SPOT-St. Peters

Sun Feb 5-Zion Lutheran


Fri Feb 10-

Sat Feb 11-LDS Church

Sun Feb 12-Porter Family


Fri Feb 17-Patsy Warner

Sat Feb 18-Life in Christ Church

Sun Feb 19-CGCC-ASG


Fri Feb 24- CGCC-ASG

Sat Feb 25-Calvary Church

Sun Feb 26-UCC Congregational


Fri Mar 3-SVDP

Sat Mar 4-SPOT- St Peters

Sun Mar 5-MCMC


Fri Mar 10- First Christian Church

Sat Mar 11-

Sun Mar 12-Kiwanis Club


Fri Mar 17- Patsy Warner

Sat Mar 18-Methodist Church

Sun Mar 19-


Fri Mar 24MCMC

Sat Mar 25-Calvary Church

Sun Mar 26-


Fri Mar 31-LDS Church

Sat April 1-SPOT- St. Peters

Sun April 2- Zion Lutheran


Fri April 7- SVDP

Sat April 8-

Sun April 9-TDHS-NHS


Fri April 14-

Sat April 15-Life in Christ Church

Sun April 16-


Fri April 21-Patsy Warner

Sat April 22-

Sun April 23-St. Pauls Church


Fri April 28- Rotary

Sat April 29-Calvary Baptist Church

Sun April 30-UCC- Congrgational


Fri May 5-SVDP

Sat May 6- SPOT-St. Peters

Sun May 7-


Fri May 12-First Christian

Sat May 13-

Sun May 14-Kiwanis Club


Fri May 19- Patsy Warner

Sat May 20- Methodist Church

Sun May 21-


Fri May 26-

Sat May 27-Calvary Baptist Church

Sun May 28-


Fri June 2-SVDP

Sat June 3-SPOT- St. Peters

Sun June 4-


Fri June 9-

Sat June 10-

Sun June 11-


Fri June 16- Patsy Warner

Sat June 17-Life in Christ Church

Sun June 18-


Fri June 23-

Sat June 24-Calvary

Sun June 25-


Fri June 30-LDS Church

Sat July 1-SPOT- St. Peters

Sun July 2-


Fri July 7-SVDP

Sat July 8-

Sun July 9- Kiwanis Club


Fri July 14- First Christian

Sat July 15-Methodist Church

Sun July 16-


Fri July 21- Patsy Warner

Sat July 22

Sun July 23- St. Pauls


Fri July 28-Rotary

Sat July 29-Calvary

Sun July 30-


Fri Aug 4- SVDP

Sat Aug 5-SPOT- St. Peters

Sun Aug 6-


Fri Aug 11

Sat Aug 12

Sun Aug 13


Fri Aug 18- Patsy Warner

Sat Aug 19-Life in Christ Church

Sun Aug 20-


Fri Aug 25-LDS Church

Sat Aug 26- Calvary

Sun Aug 27-


Fri Sept 1-SVDP

Sat Sept 2-SPOT- St. Peters

Sun Sept 3-


Fri Sept 8- First Christian

Sat Sept 9-

Sun Sept 10- Kiwanis Club


Fri Sept 15- Patsy Warner

Sat Sept 16-Methodist Church

Sun Sept 17-


Fri Sept 22-MCMC

Sat Sept 23-

Sun Sept 24-


Fri Sept 29-

Sat Sept 30-Calvary

Sun Oct 1-


Fri Oct 6-SvDP

Sat Oct 7- SPOT St. Peters

Sun Oct 8-Zion Lutheran


Fri Oct 13-

Sat Oct 14-LDS Church

Sun Oct 15-UCC Congregational


Fri OCT 20- Patsy Warner

Sat Oct 21-Life in Christ Church

Sun Oct 22- St. Pauls


Fri Oct 27- Rotary

Sat Oct 28- Calvary

Sun Oct 29-


Fri Nov 3-SVDP

Sat Nov 4- Spot St. Peters

Sun Nov 5- Zion Lutheran


Fri Nov 10-First Christian

Sat Nov 11-

Sun Nov 12- Kiwanis Club


Fri Nov 17-Patsy Warner

Sat Nov 18-Methodist Church

Sun Nov 19-


Fri Nov 24-

Sat Nov 25- Calvary

Sun Nov 26-


Fri Dec 1-SVDP

Sat Dec 2- SPOT St. Peters

Sun Dec 3-


Fri Dec 8-LDS Church

Sat Dec 9-

Sun Dec 10-


Fri Dec 15- Patsy Warner

Sat Dec 16-Life in Christ Church

Sun Dec 17-


Fri Dec 22

Say Dec 23-

Sun Dec 24


Fri Dec 29-

Sat Dec 30- Calvary

Sun Dec 31-


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