Community Meal Guidelines

Guidelines at the Meal Site: St.Vincent de Paul Building, 315 W. 3rd St, The Dalles, OR
Served at 4:30 p.m. on Fri, Sat, and Sun evenings

1. Menu: the week before, decide on a menu. Check available food items in kitchen & pantry, on shelves, and in freezers.  Read the book in the kitchen to ascertain the number of guests you can expect.

2. Key: On Fridays, the Site is open; For Sat. and Sun. hosts, come in during the week and get the keys. There are keys for each day, e. g., exterior doors and pad locks. ( Keys for dumpster, pantry, and rest rooms, are on kitchen bulletin board.)

3. Entrance: Enter through Kitchen; unlock Dining Room door at 4:00 p.m. (or earlier depending on the weather), so that patrons can come in.

4. Heating/ A.C.: Dining room is pre-set. In Kitchen, turn on fan over stove, and A,C, if needed. A.C. switch is next to Hood switch; A.C. control is on wall between Veggy sink and storage rack. Set at 70 degrees.

5. Beverages: 2 gal. of milk are available each evening. Coffee is furnished, and needs to be made.

6. Food preparation: a) At least one person, on your crew, NEEDS to have a Food Handler’s Permit. These permits can be obtained On Line, food handlers.htm or, from the Co. Health Dept. Call 506-2600 for more info. b) Plan the time you need, (prior to serving at 4:30) and prepare the meal. Set up serving counter with silverware wrapped in napkins, molded serving trays, etc. All food served must be prepared in a commercailly licensed kitchen, like this one.  Use the tub provided with instructions on how to prepare the sanitizer:  one gallon of water, one cap of Clorox bleach.  Pour fresh sanitizer into the three spray bottles for use to sanitize before preparing your meal and for cleaning after the meal has been served.

7. Serving: Serve from 4:30 to 5 pm. Wash hands frequently to prevent contamination. At 4:50 offer seconds or takeouts.  Use carry-out containers to send food home with patrons.

8.. Dishwashing: Use Dishwasher for plates, cups, silverware etc. CHECK directions on wall, for Dishwasher use. Turn circuit breaker at top of dishwsher on. Make sure drain stop is in place, then hold FILL button to initially fill dishwasher with water. Insert tray of dirty dishes, then hold START button to start washer. It will stop automatically. Soap is accessed automatically. Turn off and drain dishwasher when finished. Pots and pans can be cleaned at Veggy Sink, and then run through Dish Washer, for sterilizing.

9. Clean-up: After the meal, fold up chairs, wipe off tables with disinfectant solution: (2 tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of warm water; use the plastic container that is marked for your convenience; also fill the spray bottles from this solution; throw away unused solution because it dissipates after four hours and is no longer effective). Spray bottles are available to use. Turn off hood, and A.C. (in kitchen) and Coffee maker. Empty all trash containers (including bathrooms) and deposit in outdoor bin. (Key to gate is by kitchen bulletin board). And reline containers, with appropriate size plastic bags, stored in utility closet.

10. Sweep and mop floors, including Bathrooms.

11. Record Keeping: Notebook is in kitchen drawer. List menu served, no.of people served, etc, and no. of people on your crew.  This information is required by law to be reported annually so please complete the form fully.

12. Closing up: Make sure all doors are locked; place key in 3-ring binder, in record book, turn off lights, and exit through Kitchen door, and make sure it is locked.

13. Taking Photos: Before taking photos of Community Meal Patrons, you need to get their permission.

14. Fire Extinguisher & First aid Kit are in Kitchen.For more information: call: (Updated : November 2014) Tom Somerville 541.296.7778, Pat Lucas 541.298.2377, Jerry Tanquist 541.296.6919.

15.  Incident Log:  There is a binder in the kitchen entitled “Incident Log”.  If you have any problems with an individual or individuals during the meal, please complete a report with as much details as possible and leave it in the log.  Please then contact Dixie Lynn Parker to advise that a report needs to be reviewed by the St. Vincent de Paul board for determination if official action will be taken to trespass or ban the individual or individuals from SVdP properties.

The Community Meal Board thanks you for your participation

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